Fundraising, financial, events, online communities.   [...]

Advanced Solutions International, Inc.

Makers of iMIS fundraising and engagement products.   [...]

Affinity Circles

Online employment and jobs communities.   [...]


Agilon fundraising and CRM products.   [...]

Alums Online

Online communities.   [...]


Email marketing and related services.   [...]


Products include CRM and financial management.   [...]

Beyond Nines

Beyond Nines provides hosting for Blackbaud products and are an alternative for Blackbaud hosting services. Their e-news [...]


Serving the nonprofit and education sectors for many years, Blackbaud (NASDAQ: BLKB) combines technology and expertise t [...]

DoJiggy Online Fundraising Software

DoJiggy provides a complete line of online fundraising software solutions for all of the most popular fundraising events [...]


Looking for powerful, complete donor management software? DonorPerfect helps cultivate donor relationships and achieve t [...]


DonorPro’s suite of integrated fundraising software makes it easy to manage your donors, reach new prospects, and intell [...]


Savvy advancement professionals understand that long-term relationships are the basis for giving. That’s why our higher [...]

Golden Parachute Inc.

Online communities.   [...]

Harris Connect

Online communities, directories and telemarketing.   [...]


Online communities.   [...]

MainSpring Media Communications Inc.

In today’s world of ever-changing technology, limited attention spans, and limitless choices, distinguishing your fundra [...]


mStoner. Consultancy providing online services. Good examples from clients and thought leadership from their blog. &nb [...]


Contributor Relations.   [...]


CRM Fundraising Systems.   [...]

Publishing Concepts

Online communities.   [...]


Crowdfunding for higher education. USEED has contributed to this site on the following pages:   [...]


Online communities.   [...]

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Vendors selling products and services to the nonprofit sector are listed on a number of pages on this site. You may request that we add your company or services by following these instructions. We will make the final determination as to whether your request will be included. Thanks in advance.

1. Register on the site.
2. Login and update your profile.
3. Once you’ve updated your profile, fill out and submit the vendor listing inquiry form below.  We’ll add you to the appropriate pages that you select when filling out and submitting the form.
4. It can take a day or two to review, approve and add your listing. We’ll let you know when it’s completed so you can review and verify.
5. You can then log in anytime and make changes to your profile, which will appear on all pages where you’e listed. The profiles also have the option of displaying or hiding fields or adding an image.
6. In the future, we’ll be offering an enhanced listing for an annual fee.

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Vendor information provided on these pages is for your convenience only. By virtue of providing this information, we are making no representation as to the quality, price or any aspects of goods and services provided by these various parties.