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Some Vendor News, Updates and Commentary

Trust Event Solutions

Our event management software provides the solutions to event planning issues that plague all organizations. Trust Event [...]


Donor outreach software.   [...]

Tableau 9.0 Roadshow and New Release

The roadshow theme is “Smart Meets Fast.” Catchy from a marketing standpoint but as with other products over time, Table [...]

Microsoft Windows 10 – Walking the Plank

There's more interesting news from Microsoft over the last while on upgrading to Windows 10. Apparently, the upgrade wil [...]

Blackbaud’s Intention to Acquire Convio – Requiem

Predictions are fun, but what happens when they're reviewed after the fact. Current commentary in Blue. Blackbaud announ [...]

Microsoft’s Surprise Announcements

Microsoft's Next Surprise. Major shift in mobile strategy from Microsoft as they release free office apps for mobile dev [...]

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