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Donations Plugins for WordPress

The Web Loggerz site has put together a list of 7 plugins for working with donations [...]

Expand Your Success Online

Demographics. The norm for 40% of the population currently coming online is that they [...]

MainSpring Media Communications Inc.

In today’s world of ever-changing technology, limited attention spans, and limitless [...]

Multi-Channel Approaches

Studies suggest that individuals receive 3,000+ marketing messages a day. It costs ty [...]

Non Profit Themes for WordPress

A lot of us use WordPress for our web sites. Here's a post from Premium WordPress wit [...]

Seven Tips for Using Social Media to Boost Your Fundraising Campaign

There is a reason why social media can be the perfect platform for launching an effec [...]

Social CRM, Beyond the Tools

The move from transactional relationships to social relationships continues – as it h [...]

Social Media Planning

Social media is still new and exciting but like everything else, a little planning go [...]

The Future of Privacy

The terms of citizenship and social life are rapidly changing in the digital age. No [...]

Update Your Alumni Information

Updating your alumni information forms on web sites should adhere to a few best pract [...]

Your Digital Afterlife

Not looking to present a grim view here, neither morbid, but do you have a will? Stat [...]

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Blogs, Feeds, Trackbacks, Pings

Define the words you’ve heard in connection with blogs as a way of approaching some o [...]

Crowdfunding Playbook for Higher Education

You’ve decided to explore crowdfunding, congratulations! Crowdfunding is the fastes [...]

Email Communication Policies

Emails are very inexpensive to send to a broad base of constituents. In order to redu [...]

How Nonprofits are Using Social Media

Presentation on how nonprofits are utilizing social media. Includes history, planning [...]

Security – Bell Ringing in the Modern Age

In the Game of Thrones series, one of the knights reflects on the clashing of kings a [...]