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Balanced Scorecard Institute

Philanthropic consulting firm with a number of resources, blog, white papers and presentations.


CoolData. One of the best blogs on data mining and analytics, predictive modeling and [...]

DRIVE/updates August Newsletter

DRIVE/updates We have some DRIVE August Newsletter to announce: DRIVE/2016 is officia [...]

Economic Outlooks and Expectations for Donations

Consumer confidence has improved over the last number of years and is almost at the s [...]

International Institute of Business Analysis

Philanthropic consulting firm with a number of resources, blog, white papers and presentations.

Leveraging Your Transaction Processing Software via Data Warehouse

How can you use your data warehouse to leverage the functionality and work more effec [...]


Prospect-dmm. Discussion group for development professionals involved or interested i [...]

Questions to Ask About Your Information Delivery and Reporting

Our ability to raise money is now tied more than ever to the degree that decision mak [...]

Report Design

What are some strategies and ideas you can employ to help keep your report design pro [...]

Social Wall for Reporting & Analytics

Some Reporting & Analytics news from a variety of sources. Let us know of any sou [...]

Strategies for Reporting

Reporting is changing – in the conventional sense – papers/pages – to a more visual a [...]

The Data Warehouse Institute

Philanthropic consulting firm with a number of resources, blog, white papers and presentations.

Downloads and Samples

Downloads & Samples on SupportingAdvancement.Com

There are many hundreds of downloads and samples on SupportingAdvancement.Com so chec [...]

Prospect Scoring Tool

Example of a scoring tool posted on PRSPCT-L from Harvey Mudd College. They have buil [...]

Seven Data Warehouse Ideas

Presentation on seven data warehouse ideas that you can include in your data warehous [...]

Technical, Operations and “Back Room” Related Jobs on the Job Board

Resources on SupportingAdvancement.Com

The following resources are still located on SupportingAdvancement.Com. Over the next year or so, we'll be moving them to this site, reorganizing and cleaning them up, changing categories and trying to make it easier for you to find what you need.
Annual FundAnnual giving and annual fund, appeals, tips and tricks, hiring, phonathon, budget requests ...
EmploymentJob description samples, training, policies and procedures, recruitment, board, campaign staffing, telefund caller evaluations, organization charts ...
Frequently Asked QuestionsSome frequently asked questions on advancement, development, fundraising and related ...
More With LessBudget reductions, cost per dollar raised, cost savings, justifying resources, gifts and records processing, planning ...
PotpourriMiscellaneous, advancement aervices, customer service, class agents, stewardship, board ...
RecordsElectronic imaging, data integrity, privacy ...
ReportingReport samples, data warehouse, report standards, analytics and data mining, report samples ...
RevenueMajor gifts, annual giving, telemarketing ...
SamplesAcknowledgements, advertisements, brochures, scripts, reunion, holidays, parents, pledge letters, thank you cards ...
Sample FormsSamples of commonly used forms ...
SystemsTechnology planning, RFP's, reinvent your fundraising through technology, data backup, security ...
Telemarketing and TelefundTelemarketing and telefund ...
Web SightingsSocial media, email marketing, rating your web presence ...

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