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APRA.  Association of Professional Researchers. As the premier organization for fundr [...]

Aspire Research Group

The Aspire Research Group is run by Jennifer Filla. Site includes good selection of r [...]

Automating Prospect/Proposal Stages

What's your process for automating prospect/proposal stages? I'm using the two interc [...]

Banner Research and Prospect Management

Banner Research and Prospect Management. This Yahoo group is dedicated to serving Pro [...]


Colorado College has agreed to host a list serve for those who use Ellucian Banner fo [...]


CANADA-PRSPCT-L. Yahoo Groups electronic mail list provided as a forum for discussion [...]

Canadian Research Sources

By no means exhaustive, here's a few sources for Canadian research. Originally provid [...]


CARA. The California Advancement Researchers Association is the largest single state [...]

Chinese Executive Salaries

There have been a number of posts recently on the PRSPCT-L listserv on Chinese execut [...]


CoolData. One of the best blogs on data mining and analytics, predictive modeling and [...]

Data Integrity Links

Data integrity is an integral component of all successful fundraising programs. This [...]


DonorSearch is a leading provider of prospect research to nonprofits of all types, in [...]

Filling the Void Between Identification and Cultivation

What is discovery and how it is accomplished? It’s easy to understand the business pr [...]

Grant Training Center

The mission of the Grant Training Center is to serve as a virtual sponsored research [...]

Helen Brown Group

Helen Brown Group. Prospect Research Links.  Collection of prospect research links pr [...]


David Lamb's Prospect Research Page. David Lamb's attempt to separate the wheat from [...]

LinkedIn and Prospect Research

The use of Social Media properties for prospect research has created some healthy deb [...]

Measuring Prospect Research

There has been a lot of discussion over the years on measuring prospect research. It' [...]


NEDRA. The New England Development Research Association was founded in 1987 by a grou [...]

Northwest Research Blog

Northwest Research Blog. Some older posts and research links. Not currently updated. [...]


Portico is a collection of web sites containing publicly available information, compi [...]

Prospect Research Institute

Prospect Research Institute gives you the comprehensive training and testing you need [...]


Prospect-dmm. Discussion group for development professionals involved or interested i [...]

Prospect-Research UK

Prospect-Research UK. Yahoo group open to all researchers in development and fundrais [...]

Research Bookmarks from Northwestern University

Collection of research bookmarks maintained by the staff at Northwestern University. [...]


ResearchBuzz. Covering search engines, databases, and other online information collec [...]


ResourceShelf contributing editors monitor source changes in the continuum of informa [...]

Selected Sites for Development Research

Collection of research bookmarks maintained by the Development Research and Relations [...]

Seven Things to Know About Your Major Gift Prospects

What’s his favorite ice cream flavor? Coke or Pepsi? Does he double or single knot hi [...]

Social Wall for Prospect Research

Some Prospect Research news from a variety of sources. Let us know of any source you' [...]

Stanford University Development Research On-Line Resources

Collection of research bookmarks maintained by the Stanford University Development Re [...]

Tax Assessor Database

Christina Pulawski has maintained the Tax Assessor Database, a very useful prospect r [...]


Research and data services. WealthEngine's site has a very good selection of resource [...]

Women in Philanthropy by Ann Castle

The Women in Philanthropy site includes a tribute to Ann Castle who worked at the Uni [...]

Downloads and Samples

Asian Prospecting and Fundraising

A small selection of presentations, links and other resources for Asian prospecting a [...]

Best Practices in Prospect Research

Here are some white papers on Best Practices in Prospect Research. Click on the butto [...]

Blogs, Feeds, Trackbacks, Pings

Define the words you’ve heard in connection with blogs as a way of approaching some o [...]

Critical Issues in Prospect Research

Presentation on some of the Critical Issues in Prospect Research. Contributed by Adri [...]

Foundation Research Forms and Checklists

Collection of a few samples of Foundation research forms and checklists to help organ [...]

Google and Beyond

Making the Most of Search Engines for Prospect Research. Older presentation but some [...]


Selection of materials and samples for managing grants. Click on the buttons to add t [...]

How Prospect Research can Help Nonprofits Raise More Money from Events

Fundraising events can be a great way to generate revenue for your nonprofit and allo [...]

Information Release and Sharing

Information release and sharing policies. Click on the buttons to add to your downloa [...]

Job Descriptions – Prospect Research

Some sample job descriptions for prospect research. Click on the buttons to add to yo [...]

Knowledge Management and Prospect Research

The Role of Prospect Research in a Knowledge Management Environment. From theory to p [...]

Location of Prospect Research in the Organization

Survey on where prospect research is located in the organization. Responses were coll [...]

Major Gift Officer Handbook

Older but good example of a handbook for major gift officers that outlines research, [...]

Managing Prospects With Fundraising Software

Presentation on using your fundraising software to effectively manage your prospects [...]

Peer Screening Checklists

Samples of peer screening checklists to use when you're doing peer screening with sta [...]

Peer Screening Overview

Definitive overview of peer screening including essentials, timing, what to include i [...]

Prospect Add Form and Proposal Add Form

Collection of 2 forms: One for adding a prospect and the other for adding a proposal [...]

Prospect and Peer Screening Overview

Screening for Gold. Presentation with an overview on prospect and peer screening. Con [...]

Prospect Management

Presentation on Prospect Management Before, During and After a Campaign. Contributed [...]

Prospect Management Cultivation Strategy Worksheet

This is a good example of a worksheet to guide fundraisers in prospect strategy inclu [...]

Prospect Management Policies and Procedures

Good sample of prospect management policies and procedures including a prospect assig [...]

Prospect Management System

Congratulations! You have just been assigned a prospect pool. Maybe your organization [...]

Prospect Referral Form

Form used for referring a prospect. This is another example of using a form to help f [...]

Prospect Research Fundamentals

A basic explanation of the responsibilities that a Prospect Research department would [...]

Prospect Research Request Forms

Prospect research request form samples from various contributors.   Here are s [...]

Prospect Research Rules of Thumb

I'd like to do a series on some of the rules of thumb that I've learned about Prospec [...]

Prospect Research Simplified

Simplified overview of prospect research for development officers and for organizatio [...]

Prospect Scoring Tool

Example of a scoring tool posted on PRSPCT-L from Harvey Mudd College. They have buil [...]

Prospect Tracking Database

Presentation explaining  workload tracking database which shows the amount of work th [...]

Real Estate Valuation Spreadsheets

Two spreadsheets showing how to use them to do real estate valuation. Contributed by [...]

Research Profile Templates

A number of research profile templates that you can use to determine what will be the [...]

The Future of Prospect Research

Podcast. Pamela Poland talks with Randy Lakeman, Deputy Director of Development at th [...]

Wealth Screening and Grateful Patient Program Processes Flowchart

Flowchart of a wealth screening and grateful patient program process which was shared [...]