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APRA.  Association of Professional Researchers. As the premier organization for fundr [...]

Aspire Research Group

The Aspire Research Group is run by Jennifer Filla. Site includes good selection of r [...]

Automating Prospect/Proposal Stages

What's your process for automating prospect/proposal stages? I'm using the two interc [...]

Banner Research and Prospect Management

Banner Research and Prospect Management. This Yahoo group is dedicated to serving Pro [...]


Colorado College has agreed to host a list serve for those who use Ellucian Banner fo [...]


CANADA-PRSPCT-L. Yahoo Groups electronic mail list provided as a forum for discussion [...]

Canadian Research Sources

By no means exhaustive, here's a few sources for Canadian research. Originally provid [...]


CARA. The California Advancement Researchers Association is the largest single state [...]

Chinese Executive Salaries

There have been a number of posts recently on the PRSPCT-L listserv on Chinese execut [...]


CoolData. One of the best blogs on data mining and analytics, predictive modeling and [...]

Data Integrity Links

Data integrity is an integral component of all successful fundraising programs. This [...]


DonorSearch is a leading provider of prospect research to nonprofits of all types, in [...]

Filling the Void Between Identification and Cultivation

What is discovery and how it is accomplished? It’s easy to understand the business pr [...]

Grant Training Center

The mission of the Grant Training Center is to serve as a virtual sponsored research [...]

Helen Brown Group

Helen Brown Group. Prospect Research Links.  Collection of prospect research links pr [...]


David Lamb's Prospect Research Page. David Lamb's attempt to separate the wheat from [...]

LinkedIn and Prospect Research

The use of Social Media properties for prospect research has created some healthy deb [...]

Measuring Prospect Research

There has been a lot of discussion over the years on measuring prospect research. It' [...]


NEDRA. The New England Development Research Association was founded in 1987 by a grou [...]

Northwest Research Blog

Northwest Research Blog. Some older posts and research links. Not currently updated. [...]


Portico is a collection of web sites containing publicly available information, compi [...]

Prospect Research Institute

Prospect Research Institute gives you the comprehensive training and testing you need [...]


Prospect-dmm. Discussion group for development professionals involved or interested i [...]

Prospect-Research UK

Prospect-Research UK. Yahoo group open to all researchers in development and fundrais [...]

Research Bookmarks from Northwestern University

Collection of research bookmarks maintained by the staff at Northwestern University. [...]


ResearchBuzz. Covering search engines, databases, and other online information collec [...]


ResourceShelf contributing editors monitor source changes in the continuum of informa [...]

Selected Sites for Development Research

Collection of research bookmarks maintained by the Development Research and Relations [...]

Seven Things to Know About Your Major Gift Prospects

What’s his favorite ice cream flavor? Coke or Pepsi? Does he double or single knot hi [...]

Social Wall for Prospect Research

Some Prospect Research news from a variety of sources. Let us know of any source you' [...]

Stanford University Development Research On-Line Resources

Collection of research bookmarks maintained by the Stanford University Development Re [...]

Tax Assessor Database

Christina Pulawski has maintained the Tax Assessor Database, a very useful prospect r [...]


Research and data services. WealthEngine's site has a very good selection of resource [...]

Women in Philanthropy by Ann Castle

The Women in Philanthropy site includes a tribute to Ann Castle who worked at the Uni [...]

Downloads and Samples

Asian Prospecting and Fundraising

A small selection of presentations, links and other resources for Asian prospecting a [...]

Best Practices in Prospect Research

Here are some white papers on Best Practices in Prospect Research. Click on the butto [...]

Blogs, Feeds, Trackbacks, Pings

Define the words you’ve heard in connection with blogs as a way of approaching some o [...]

Critical Issues in Prospect Research

Presentation on some of the Critical Issues in Prospect Research. Contributed by Adri [...]

Downloads & Samples on SupportingAdvancement.Com

There are many hundreds of downloads and samples on SupportingAdvancement.Com so chec [...]

Foundation Research Forms and Checklists

Collection of a few samples of Foundation research forms and checklists to help organ [...]

Google and Beyond

Making the Most of Search Engines for Prospect Research. Older presentation but some [...]


Selection of materials and samples for managing grants. Click on the buttons to add t [...]

How Prospect Research can Help Nonprofits Raise More Money from Events

Fundraising events can be a great way to generate revenue for your nonprofit and allo [...]

Information Release and Sharing

Information release and sharing policies. Click on the buttons to add to your downloa [...]

Job Descriptions – Prospect Research

Some sample job descriptions for prospect research. Click on the buttons to add to yo [...]

Knowledge Management and Prospect Research

The Role of Prospect Research in a Knowledge Management Environment. From theory to p [...]

Location of Prospect Research in the Organization

Survey on where prospect research is located in the organization. Responses were coll [...]

Major Gift Officer Handbook

Older but good example of a handbook for major gift officers that outlines research, [...]

Managing Prospects With Fundraising Software

Presentation on using your fundraising software to effectively manage your prospects [...]

Peer Screening Checklists

Samples of peer screening checklists to use when you're doing peer screening with sta [...]

Peer Screening Overview

Definitive overview of peer screening including essentials, timing, what to include i [...]

Prospect Add Form and Proposal Add Form

Collection of 2 forms: One for adding a prospect and the other for adding a proposal [...]

Prospect and Peer Screening Overview

Screening for Gold. Presentation with an overview on prospect and peer screening. Con [...]

Prospect Management

Presentation on Prospect Management Before, During and After a Campaign. Contributed [...]

Prospect Management Cultivation Strategy Worksheet

This is a good example of a worksheet to guide fundraisers in prospect strategy inclu [...]

Prospect Management Policies and Procedures

Good sample of prospect management policies and procedures including a prospect assig [...]

Prospect Management System

Congratulations! You have just been assigned a prospect pool. Maybe your organization [...]

Prospect Referral Form

Form used for referring a prospect. This is another example of using a form to help f [...]

Prospect Research Fundamentals

A basic explanation of the responsibilities that a Prospect Research department would [...]

Prospect Research Request Forms

Prospect research request form samples from various contributors.   Here are s [...]

Prospect Research Rules of Thumb

I'd like to do a series on some of the rules of thumb that I've learned about Prospec [...]

Prospect Research Simplified

Simplified overview of prospect research for development officers and for organizatio [...]

Prospect Scoring Tool

Example of a scoring tool posted on PRSPCT-L from Harvey Mudd College. They have buil [...]

Prospect Tracking Database

Presentation explaining  workload tracking database which shows the amount of work th [...]

Real Estate Valuation Spreadsheets

Two spreadsheets showing how to use them to do real estate valuation. Contributed by [...]

Research Profile Templates

A number of research profile templates that you can use to determine what will be the [...]

The Future of Prospect Research

Podcast. Pamela Poland talks with Randy Lakeman, Deputy Director of Development at th [...]

Wealth Screening and Grateful Patient Program Processes Flowchart

Flowchart of a wealth screening and grateful patient program process which was shared [...]

Prospect Research & Management Jobs on the Job Board

Resources on SupportingAdvancement.Com

The following resources are still located on SupportingAdvancement.Com. Over the next year or so, we'll be moving them to this site, reorganizing and cleaning them up, changing categories and trying to make it easier for you to find what you need.
Annual FundAnnual giving and annual fund, appeals, tips and tricks, hiring, phonathon, budget requests ...
EmploymentJob description samples, training, policies and procedures, recruitment, board, campaign staffing, telefund caller evaluations, organization charts ...
Frequently Asked QuestionsSome frequently asked questions on advancement, development, fundraising and related ...
More With LessBudget reductions, cost per dollar raised, cost savings, justifying resources, gifts and records processing, planning ...
PotpourriMiscellaneous, advancement aervices, customer service, class agents, stewardship, board ...
RecordsElectronic imaging, data integrity, privacy ...
ReportingReport samples, data warehouse, report standards, analytics and data mining, report samples ...
RevenueMajor gifts, annual giving, telemarketing ...
SamplesAcknowledgements, advertisements, brochures, scripts, reunion, holidays, parents, pledge letters, thank you cards ...
Sample FormsSamples of commonly used forms ...
SystemsTechnology planning, RFP's, reinvent your fundraising through technology, data backup, security ...
Telemarketing and TelefundTelemarketing and telefund ...
Web SightingsSocial media, email marketing, rating your web presence ...

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