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Contract Management

How can you improve your contract management processes? If you can do this effectivel [...]


FUNDSVCS. Advancement and development services and related issues. One of the best fo [...]

Downloads and Samples

Acknowledgment Letter Guidelines

Sample of process for creating acknowledgement letters. It's a useful exercise to kee [...]

Address Update Flowchart

Sample of flowchart for updating addresses. It's a useful exercise to keep these proc [...]

Alumni Association Bylaws Collection

Collection of various alumni association bylaws from a number of contributors includi [...]

Annual Giving Gift Definitions

Definitions of what gifts will be counted towards annual giving. Click on the button  [...]

Annual Giving Solicitation Policy

Annual Giving Programs To preserve University Name’s credibility among its financial [...]

Appeal Policy

Policy for setting up an appeal contributed by Francine Cronin. Click on the link to [...]

Awards Nomination Process

Sample of process for nomination for Alumni awards contributed by Kathy Spring. Click [...]

Capital Campaign Counting Guidelines

Good set of comprehensive campaign counting guidelines. Campaign counting can effect  [...]

Cause Related Marketing Guidelines

All organizations need to retain a fiduciary duty to ensure that their name is being [...]

Charity Auctions

Charity auctions represent a fun method of bringing in private support. There are, ho [...]

Conditional Gift Policy

A contribution is a conditional gift if it depends on a future act or event that may [...]

Confidentiality Policies

We're all stewards of the information provided us to us by our constituents and it's [...]

Conflict of Interest Policies

Sample conflict of interest policies. Click on the buttons to add to your download ca [...]

Constituent Record Name Standards

Primary conclusions/recommendations for creating names in a fundraising database with [...]

Donor Agreement Policy

The university has a fiduciary responsibility to ensure that a donor’s wishes are str [...]

Donor Benefits Decision Tree

Diagram of donor benefits decision tree to help in calculating benefits. Click on the [...]

Downloads & Samples on SupportingAdvancement.Com

There are many hundreds of downloads and samples on SupportingAdvancement.Com so chec [...]

Email Communication Policies

Emails are very inexpensive to send to a broad base of constituents. In order to redu [...]

Employee Relief Fund Policy and Forms

The Winona Health Foundation Employee Relief Fund was established in August 2007 as a [...]

FAQ for Restricted Gifts

Gifts to NC State may be either for the general purposes of the University or for the [...]

Financial Assistance Policy

he Genesis Health Services Foundation, through the Heart of Mercy (HOM) Temporarily R [...]

Fiscal Policies and Procedures

Good sample of a fiscal policies and procedures manual which includes a number of for [...]

Fraud Policy

The purpose of this Policy is to specifically address fraudulent acts. Fraudulent act [...]

Fundraising Guidelines Samples

Sample fundraising guidelines and policies. Click on the buttons to add to your downl [...]

Fundraising Project/Event Request Form

Fundraising project/event request form. Click on the button to add to your download c [...]

Funds Management Policies

Funds management policies and procedures encompass a number of areas in most non-prof [...]

Gift Acceptance Policies Samples

Sample gift acceptance policies. Click on the buttons to add to your download cart. [...]

Gift Acknowledgment Protocol

PROTOCOL FOR CAMPAIGN GIFT ACKNOWLEDGEMENT Wabash College will need to acknowledge do [...]

Gift Agreements

Sample gift agreements. Click on the buttons to add to your download cart.   [...]

Gift Fee Language

Gift fees have become more commonplace and language explaining and describing them is [...]

Gift Policy Manuals

Sample gift policy manuals. Click on the buttons to add to your download cart. &nbs [...]

Gift Processing and Receipting

Gift processing and receipting policies and procedures are important for maintaining [...]


Selection of materials and samples for managing grants. Click on the buttons to add t [...]

Information Release and Sharing

Information release and sharing policies. Click on the buttons to add to your downloa [...]


Investment policies. Click on the buttons to add to your download cart.   &n [...]

Leadership Council By-Laws

The Council will serve the College as an advisory body only. The Council will study,  [...]

Major Gift Officer Handbook

Older but good example of a handbook for major gift officers that outlines research, [...]

Memorandum of Understanding

THIS MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING is made and entered into this ____ day of___________ [...]

Memorandum of Understanding – Foundation/Host Institution

The following illustrative document includes examples of best practice that each foun [...]

Naming Policies Collection

Collection of naming policies and procedures and other samples from a number of contr [...]

Non-Cash Gift Terminology

For the most part, cash gifts are easy. You deposit them in your account and spend th [...]

Nondesignated Gifts Policy

Occasionally the Foundation receives gifts that are not accompanied by any instructio [...]

Physical Commemorative Policy

Permanent physical commemoratives (PPCs) are a popular option for alumni, parents, fa [...]

Pledge Agreement for Endowed Professorship

Sample pledge agreement for endowed professorship. Click on the button to add to your [...]

Pledge Management and Write Off Policy

The Foundation is responsible for insuring the viability of unpaid pledges and will c [...]

Policies and Procedures Development

Presentation on the development of policies and procedures. Contributed by James Mine [...]

Policies and Procedures Format Guidelines

Some simple guidelines for the format of policies and procedures. Click on the button [...]

Policies and Procedures Template

The ultimate purpose of this Manual is to provide a framework to facilitate a harmoni [...]

Prospect Management Policies and Procedures

Good sample of prospect management policies and procedures including a prospect assig [...]

Real Estate Check List

Checklist for fundraisers when accepting a gift of real estate. Click on the button t [...]

Record Retention Schedules

Collection of various record retention schedules. Note that you should always check w [...]

Reunion Class Gift Counting

Reunion class gift campaigns represent an excellent opportunity to increase giving fo [...]

Scholarship Agreement Form

Sample of scholarship agreement form. Click on the button to add to your download car [...]

Sponsored Scholarship Agreement

A generous gift {or generous gifts} from {name of donor(s) or friends, colleagues, an [...]

Sponsorship Policy

The purpose of this policy is to establish the framework and guidelines within Lakehe [...]

Strategies to Mitigate Risk Exposure

Managing risk should be part of every organization’s strategy and tactics when workin [...]

Survey – Receipt Language When Donors Pay Event Expenses

Short 1 question survey on the language for receipts when donors pay event expenses. [...]

Third Party Fundraising Policies

Collection of third party fundraising policies. These are good to implement so that t [...]

Tip Sheet for Private Foundations

A private foundation may be funded by an individual, a family, or a for-profit compan [...]

Transfers of Property to Foundations

Samples of agreements for transferring property from a parent entity to a foundation. [...]

Resources on SupportingAdvancement.Com

The following resources are still located on SupportingAdvancement.Com. Over the next year or so, we'll be moving them to this site, reorganizing and cleaning them up, changing categories and trying to make it easier for you to find what you need.
Annual FundAnnual giving and annual fund, appeals, tips and tricks, hiring, phonathon, budget requests ...
EmploymentJob description samples, training, policies and procedures, recruitment, board, campaign staffing, telefund caller evaluations, organization charts ...
Frequently Asked QuestionsSome frequently asked questions on advancement, development, fundraising and related ...
More With LessBudget reductions, cost per dollar raised, cost savings, justifying resources, gifts and records processing, planning ...
PotpourriMiscellaneous, advancement aervices, customer service, class agents, stewardship, board ...
RecordsElectronic imaging, data integrity, privacy ...
ReportingReport samples, data warehouse, report standards, analytics and data mining, report samples ...
RevenueMajor gifts, annual giving, telemarketing ...
SamplesAcknowledgements, advertisements, brochures, scripts, reunion, holidays, parents, pledge letters, thank you cards ...
Sample FormsSamples of commonly used forms ...
SystemsTechnology planning, RFP's, reinvent your fundraising through technology, data backup, security ...
Telemarketing and TelefundTelemarketing and telefund ...
Web SightingsSocial media, email marketing, rating your web presence ...

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