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Asset Allocation and Changes to Investment Policy

How should you change your asset allocation based on changes in market conditions ove [...]

Contract Management

How can you improve your contract management processes? If you can do this effectivel [...]

Economic Outlooks and Expectations for Donations

Consumer confidence has improved over the last number of years and is almost at the s [...]

Outsourcing The CIO (Chief Investment Officer)

Many of us don’t have the in-house specialty investment knowledge to manage our inves [...]

Overhead Spending – The Cold Black Sea

Yet another article and commentary on charitable spending on overhead from the Boston [...]

Talking About Overhead

Does your board struggle with the concept of overhead and do you have a hard time tal [...]

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Conditional Gift Policy

A contribution is a conditional gift if it depends on a future act or event that may [...]

Donor Agreement Policy

The university has a fiduciary responsibility to ensure that a donor’s wishes are str [...]

Financial Assistance Policy

he Genesis Health Services Foundation, through the Heart of Mercy (HOM) Temporarily R [...]

Fiscal Policies and Procedures

Good sample of a fiscal policies and procedures manual which includes a number of for [...]

Funds Management Policies

Funds management policies and procedures encompass a number of areas in most non-prof [...]

Gift Processing and Receipting

Gift processing and receipting policies and procedures are important for maintaining [...]


Selection of materials and samples for managing grants. Click on the buttons to add t [...]


Investment policies. Click on the buttons to add to your download cart.   &n [...]

Non-Cash Gift Terminology

For the most part, cash gifts are easy. You deposit them in your account and spend th [...]

Nondesignated Gifts Policy

Occasionally the Foundation receives gifts that are not accompanied by any instructio [...]

Optimizing Cost Per Dollar

Presentation on a case study on Optimizing Cost Per Dollar Raised to improve and ensu [...]

Pledge Agreement for Endowed Professorship

Sample pledge agreement for endowed professorship. Click on the button to add to your [...]

Pledge Management and Write Off Policy

The Foundation is responsible for insuring the viability of unpaid pledges and will c [...]

Record Retention Schedules

Collection of various record retention schedules. Note that you should always check w [...]

Strategies to Mitigate Financial Risk

Presentation containing a good overview on financial risk with definitions and strate [...]

Strategies to Mitigate Risk Exposure

Managing risk should be part of every organization’s strategy and tactics when workin [...]