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4 Donor Acquisition Strategies to Implement for your Year-End Fundraising

My, my, my, look how the time flies. Pretty soon we’ll all be standing in the snow, c [...]

6 Ways to Supercharge your Solicitation Process

6 Ways to Supercharge your Solicitation Process Let’s face it -- we all get stuck in [...]


Annual Giving Professionals Network (AGPN). A group of exceptional helpful and suppor [...]

Annual Giving Network

The Annual Giving Network (AGN) helps fundraisers exchange ideas and advance their ca [...]

Multi-Channel Approaches

Studies suggest that individuals receive 3,000+ marketing messages a day. It costs ty [...]

Three Tips for Donor Segmentation Success

As a nonprofit professional, you know better than anyone that it is critical to const [...]

UC San Diego Caller Thank You Video

First of all, shout out to the Annual Giving Network for their blog post highlighting [...]

Downloads and Samples

Annual Giving Gift Definitions

Definitions of what gifts will be counted towards annual giving. Click on the button  [...]

Annual Giving Solicitation Policy

Annual Giving Programs To preserve University Name’s credibility among its financial [...]

Appeal Policy

Policy for setting up an appeal contributed by Francine Cronin. Click on the link to [...]

Benchmarking Matching Gifts

Best benchmarking and reporting practices are critical to measurement of the ongoing [...]

Best Fundraising Practices for Matching Gifts

Presentation with a number of examples of best fundraising practices for matching gif [...]

Capital Campaign Counting Guidelines

Good set of comprehensive campaign counting guidelines. Campaign counting can effect  [...]

Cause Related Marketing Guidelines

All organizations need to retain a fiduciary duty to ensure that their name is being [...]

Charity Auctions

Charity auctions represent a fun method of bringing in private support. There are, ho [...]

Crowdfunding Playbook for Higher Education

You’ve decided to explore crowdfunding, congratulations! Crowdfunding is the fastes [...]

Email Communication Policies

Emails are very inexpensive to send to a broad base of constituents. In order to redu [...]

Funds Management Policies

Funds management policies and procedures encompass a number of areas in most non-prof [...]

Increasing Matching Gifts

Millions of Americans give to charities in the hope that their gift will have a pos [...]

Matching Gift Labels

Collection of 5 matching gift labels in Word that you can use merge matching gift inf [...]

Matching Gift Samples

Samples of various materials used for matching gift programs from a variety of contri [...]

Matching Gifts and Budget

White paper on using matching gifts to stretch your budget.  We all know the old sa [...]

Matching Gifts Brochures

Some sample matching gift brochures. Matching gift brochures are a best practice an [...]

Matching Gifts Efforts in Direct Mail

Some tips and tricks on improving matching gifts efforts in your direct mail programs [...]

Matching Gifts Email Samples

Collection of a few matching gift emails, some with company names and other informati [...]

Matching Gifts Ethics

Ethics need to be a consideration in all aspects of what we do as nonprofits. Here's [...]

Matching Gifts Fliers and Leaflets

Some sample matching gift fliers and leaflets. Click on the buttons to add to your [...]

Matching Gifts Month Images

A couple of images you can use in publications, web sites or other collateral you a [...]

Matching Gifts Practices Surveys Results

The matching gifts practices surveys have been run for a number of years and are one [...]

Matching Gifts Processing

Presentation on best practices for matching gifts processing. Contributed by Gail Fer [...]

Matching Gifts Survey

Summary results from a matching gifts survey done by Heather Huber. Click on the butt [...]

Maximize Your Matching Gifts

"Free Money" or Matching Gifts are available today from more corporations and subsi [...]

Maximizing Your Matching Gifts

Presentation with a number of examples how to maximize your matching gift results. Co [...]

No Time Like the Present for Matching Gifts

No time like the present for matching gifts. Presentation with a number of examples o [...]

Reunion Class Gift Counting

Reunion class gift campaigns represent an excellent opportunity to increase giving fo [...]

Soliciting Matching Gifts

Responsibilities for the mechanics of data maintenance and acquisition, asking for ma [...]

Stewardship of Matching Gifts

Presentation with a number of ideas on stewarding your matching gift donors. Contribu [...]

The Annual Giving Network Survey

The Annual Giving Network conducted this survey of annual giving program leaders at m [...]

Virginia Commonwealth University – Multi-Channel Campaign

Good example of a multi-channel campaign incorporating social media, web sites and ot [...]