A number of research profile templates that you can use to determine what will be the relevant pieces of information that you want to include in your own profiles. Note that the ideal profiles are ones that can be generated directly from your database so that you don’t have to spend a lot of time retyping information into documents.

Another point to consider with these templates is that they can additionally be used as a foundation for building contact report forms. If you can train and enable your direct fundraising staff to think about systematically collecting information when they’re speaking with donors, it can help substantially in your data collection and quality efforts. Systematic collection of data in itself becomes can become a good training tool as fundraisers get used to thinking about specific wealth indicators and how these are structured when they’re writing their contact reports.

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Collection of 10 basic prospect research profile templates. Collected and forwarded by Emily Tedeschi.


Good example of research profile template. Contributed by  by Aspire Research Group.


Two good examples of research profile templates. One for a vice president and another for assessment. Contributed by Debbie Menoher.