Collection of naming policies and procedures and other samples from a number of contributors including Carolyn H. Brown, Mary Ann Oppenheimer and Larry Walsh.

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It has been the University of Alaska’s practice to name facilities, roads, endowments, awards and other programs in honor of people who have contributed to the betterment of the university. Because such gifts will be substantial in amount and may reflect on the university in perpetuity, naming opportunities, and the terms and conditions associated with such naming, shall be subject to final approval by the President and the Board of Regents when appropriate.

The naming of endowed chairs has a long-term impact on the University. The approval process is designed to ensure such action is in the best interest of the University.

The naming of buildings and spaces is one of the ways that Saint Mary’s College permanently acknowledges and honors those whose service to or significant financial support of Saint Mary’s enhances the College. The record of named buildings and spaces provides a historic legacy of the College’s extended family. It is the responsibility of the Board of Trustees and the Administration to preserve, nurture and protect that legacy.

Carnegie Mellon University will name buildings, classrooms, and other spaces on the campus for donors and lifelong friends of the university. Generally, a gift required for space-naming will be a minimum of half the cost of the facility or renovation plus endowment for upkeep of the space.

The Board of Trustees of The California State University retains authority for naming all CSU facilities and properties, i.e., all buildings; major portions of buildings; university or college streets or roads; stadium and baseball fields and other areas of major assembly or activity; plazas, malls, and other large areas of campus circulation; and all other highly visible facilities and properties.

With respect to new buildings in the priority listing of University needs, we will continue the existing policy of naming the building for the donor when the donor's gift provides at least half of the private cost of the new building. We should attempt to secure from the naming donor an endowment for maintenance of the building, although this is not required for the naming.

The naming of facilities and programs in recognition of financial support of the college is a high honor and is made under the naming policy established by the College. The purpose of this document is to provide academic leaders and development officers with guidelines for determining the appropriate gift size when considering offering a naming opportunity to a donor. Contributed by Carolyn H. Brown.

Policies and procedures for naming physical facilities, academic programs and for placing donor related plaques.

This policy applies to the naming of facilities including buildings and structures, interior spaces, landscapes, roads, collections, programs, endowed chairs and professorships, schools and colleges on the various campuses of the University. Contributed by Larry Walsh.