Selection of materials and samples for managing grants.

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Decision tree for a gift vs. a grant. Contributed by Samantha Marrs.

Explanation of a gift vs. a grant. Contributed by Samantha Marrs.

This guideline document serves to provide definitions and specific process steps for policy 7.22 "Gift and Grants Administration". All determinations as to whether an award is a gift or a grant should be made in consultation with policy 7.22, and this document as well as the "Checklist for Determining Whether or not Funding is a Gift or Support for a Sponsored Program" can be used to help understand the criteria for those decisions.

Sample grant agreement.

Good example of grants management procedures. Contributed by Alexis Carter-Black.

Working as the coordinator of grants and contracts at a large, urban college over the past five years has enabled me to see firsthand just how many of the college’s programs, grant-funded and otherwise, are centered on partnerships. Partnerships with other institutions of higher education, K-12 school districts, community-based organizations, and a host of other organizations are essential for carrying out many of the activities and services provided by the college.

Contributed by Alexis Carter-Black.

Many a would-be grant writer finds the prospect of writing their first grant proposal a daunting one. The proposal development process can easily overwhelm. The inexperienced grant writer may find difficulty interpreting a foundation’s funding guidelines or understanding the often complex federal RFP process. It’s no surprise that many feel intimidated.

Contributed by Alexis Carter-Black.

So, you find yourself the newly hired staffer in a small to medium-sized non-profit organization with a title like grants manager, grants coordinator, or grant writer. Or, maybe you find yourself in a larger organization like a college or school district and you’ve been appointed to head up the institution’s newly established grants office.

Where do you begin? And how do you ensure that your efforts are successful? Contributed by Alexis Carter-Black.