Sample gift acceptance policies.

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The Association for Research and Enlightenment, Inc. (A.R.E.) accepts gifts of any amount in the form of cash, stock, real estate, personal property, or other assets, including gifts through trusts, estates or insurance policies. All gifts will be liquidated within a reasonable time of receipt, where practicable, unless the Board of Trustees has designated otherwise, and the funds be directed to the purpose specified by the donor.

The primary purpose of this Gift Solicitation and Acceptance Policy manual is to ensure that the University can respond quickly and appropriately to all gift offers while protecting the interests of Webster University and the persons and other entities that support its programs. Contributed by Ryan Elliott.

The ____________________ Art Collection pursues an art acquisition method that focuses on historical and contemporary art works in fine art. The collection is intended to support and illustrate ____________________’s commitment to the visual arts by enlivening public spaces with art works, to educate the student body and college community in the arena of art history and contemporary art practice, and to supplement and compliment the Galleries exhibition programs.

The following gift acceptance policies have been developed for the purpose of providing:

1) complete and accurate recording of gifts and pledges.

2) compliance with IRS regulations and acceptable business practices.

3) guidance for persons involved in gift solicitation, recording, and management for Cedar Crest College.

__________ University recognizes the vital importance of charitable contributions to the financial health and stability of the institution. Gifts are received from individuals, churches, foundations, corporations, associations, and government entities. The University will actively solicit such support in the form of grants and gifts of cash, marketable securities, real property, insurance, and selected other non-cash items. Contributed by John Martin.

Accepting nonstandard gifts. Contributed by John H. Taylor.

It is the purpose, in setting forth guidelines about gift acceptance policy, to provide a basis for understanding the circumstances under which RIT’s Development staff can enter into negotiations with prospective donors. The primary overall concern is that the intent of the donor should be philanthropic and that the university’s mission and priorities be served.