Funds management policies and procedures encompass a number of areas in most non-profit organizations. We receive and hold money in trust from donors and it’s critical that we have appropriate policies and procedures in place for managing the donations going into the funds and how these are spent. This category of downloads includes samples for endowments, unrestricted donations and related materials.

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The Metro State Foundation will maintain a discretionary spending account for the president, each vice-president and each dean (Account Holders) for the college. Discretionary spending accounts are funded by gifts received by the Foundation from donors who did not specify a specific fund or purpose.

The University of the District of Columbia Foundation, Inc. will maintain a discretionary spending account for the president, deans, and student related projects for the university. These accounts must be funded by the respective account holders through unrestricted gifts

The university has a fiduciary responsibility to ensure that a donor’s wishes are strictly observed and that gifts are used only for the purpose stated by the donor. Gifts received for the benefit of the University must be spent or used according to the intent expressed by the donor. The University must ensure that it merits the respect and trust of the general public and that donors and prospective donors can have full confidence that the University has spent their funds in a prudent and efficient manner consistent with their intentions.

Process to name and establish an endowed chair.

An endowed gift is one in which the original principal is never invaded; the gift exists in perpetuity. Endowments generally are funded within five years of the initial contribution. Income is distributed annually. There is no minimum limit for donating gifts to already existing endowments (including the University’s Unrestricted Endowment Fund), but the following schedule lists the requirements for establishing new endowments.

Endowed scholarship agreement template. Contributed by Maureen Kloker.

Endowment agreement sample.

This is to authorize and certify that Donor Smith has established an endowed fund to be named , the annual yield from which will be used for a scholarship at the University of St. Thomas in accordance with the guidelines established in this document. Contributed by Tamara Tesch.

Inland Northwest Community Foundation’s management of endowment funds is governed by the Uniform Prudent Management of Institutional Funds Act (UPMIFA)  and the Inland Northwest Community Foundation (INWCF) Spending Policy.