Sample fundraising guidelines and policies.

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These guidelines are intended to highlight major decisions and logistical considerations involved in the establishment of a new fundraising challenge.

The following guidelines have been established for fundraising efforts with approved outside agencies in an effort to coordinate the number of times our employees are solicited and to increase employee's productivity at the work place by decreasing the amount of time they spend on fundraising activities.

On occasion a faculty of staff member outside of Development and Alumni Relations (DAR) may want to initiate a fundraising campaign outside of the approved priorities of the Dean for a particular school and DAR. In general, these are initiatives to create an honor or memorial endowment on behalf of a retiring or departing colleague.

Fundraising guidelines for faculty, staff and campus organizations.

Fundraising at CCES is conducted under the guidelines established by the School Board and the President and implemented by the Advancement Office. For the purposes of this policy, “fundraising” is defined as the solicitation of money within the school or larger community in order to fund, create, or enhance any project/event/entity that is not underwritten by the operating budget. Fundraisers should promote unity and spirit by creating opportunities for students, teachers, and parents to work together to accomplish mutual goals. All fundraising activities should strive to promote an environment for learning and service to CCES and the community at large.

In every instance, official acceptance of all planned and deferred gifts will be made by the Executive Committee, based upon the recommendation of the Executive Director. Only those planned and deferred gifts which are in conformity with the needs of the Hospital will be accepted.

Fundraising guidelines for corporations and foundations. Contributed by Paul Lanning.

Fundraising project/event request form.

The intention of this policy is to provide the appropriate Board oversight for distribution of Foundation funds; and with respect to restricted funds, to ensure adherence to donor intent. This policy and procedure applies to requests from both restricted and unrestricted funds.