Emails are very inexpensive to send to a broad base of constituents. In order to reduce the perception of spamming, good policies and procedures for email management should be adopted. Ideally, there should be a calendar so that communications are sent so that they are perceived as separate and distinct. In organizations with de-centralized fundraising programs the coordination between the various units may be quite challenging and needs to be managed.

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Emails are a cost-effective and time sensitive method for communication with constituents. In order to manage this process, guidelines need to be established and implemented in regards to acquisition, storage, updating, and tracking of emails and email communication.

Developed within the division of Advancement, by the Electronic Communications Committee, the following policy pertains to broadcast email categories including alumni club events, special events, reunion, Annual Fund solicitations or other mass solicitations, thank you messages, or holiday messages. Broadcast email lists are to be generated by Advancement Services.