We’re all stewards of the information provided us to us by our constituents and it’s critical that we do everything we can to protect the privacy and security of that information. In an industry where brand is everything, a breach or exposure of information can cause a lot of damage to our cause.

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Philanthropy is a voluntary exchange in which the values and aspirations of donors are matched with the values and aspirations of those they benefit. As a volunteer for Our Lady of Good Counsel High School, I am pleased to serve OLGC during this exchange of values, representing OLGC to prospective donors.

Harvesters values the privacy of our volunteers and donors. Therefore, your eligibility to volunteer in the Resource Development office at Harvesters is contingent upon your willingness to abide by our confidentiality requirements.

Policy statement and agreement of confidentiality.

As a volunteer for the Annual Giving/Miner Phonathon program, you will interact with numerous alumni in your time as a caller. The correspondence that develops from this interaction is extremely important. For this reason there are several policies that are strictly enforced. These policies are enforced for the protection of the alumni, the volunteer, and the university.

Confidentiality of the donor and the donor information is to be maintained at all times. No individual donor giving history is to be printed for distribution out of the Foundation office. All donor giving information must not be thrown away without first shredding.