We’ve all benefited from memberships in associations and communities of practice throughout our careers.

While many of these organizations require a paid membership, many are volunteer driven and a number of have served in them over the years.

It’s great to get involved with them and it’s a great resume builder.

Blogs of interest. Links to blogs of interest and a thank you to the various authors for sharing their interest and contributing back on their areas of expertise.

We’ve tried to include those that have maintained regular updates but will try and note if the postings are less than regular.

This is more of a catch-all category with a few personal favorites.
Listservs, discussion groups and forums are one of the most valuable ways to ask questions, find out about resources and discuss issues with colleagues about current practices in your field.

They not only provide valuable sources of information, but if you join in the discussion you are actively promoting your ideas, programs and your organization.

New entrants in the field can gain valuable knowledge and insights by asking questions.

We’ve included some commercial and vendor sites in these listings. Vendors selling products and services to the nonprofit sector often have very useful web sites, free education opportunities through events and webinars and more. Some of these sites include products for sale or memberships to access resources. Many deserve a mention.

Anything you'd like us to add?