$65 Million Gift for UCSB

Gift AnnouncementUniversity of California Santa Barbara Receives $65 Million Dollar Gift, Largest in UCSB History. The gift comes from a corporate executive at Berkshire Hathaway.

Dark Side of Social Media

Good article from Wired on what goes on behind the scenes with content screening for social media sites such as Facebook.

It speaks to the emotional and mental costs of viewing and moderating content that most of us never see nor are exposed to. It’s a hard job and much of the work takes place in countries where the big social media properties can pay minimum wages for the service.


New Job Board is Now Live

New Job BoardThe new SupportingFundraising job board, with added functionality is now live. You’ll have to register on this site and then register as an employer to post and manage jobs.

Consumers Guide to Donor Management Software

Choosing donor management software is not an easy task. NTEN provides a good guide to a number of the available systems. You’ll need to register and login to get a copy, but it’s a worthwhile endeavour.