Largest-ever Donation to Canadian Health Institution

The Rogers family announces the largest-ever donation of $130 million to a Canadian health institution.

The gift is unique in that it will be split 3 ways between the Hospital for Sick Children, the University Health Network and the University of Toronto. Each of those institutions will add an additional one-third to the gift to bring the total to $260 million to establish a new heart research center in Toronto.

How Fear of Failure Fails Us

Short post on LinkedIn by Kyle Winters on risk and how risk relates to strategic decision-making. I worked with Kyle several years ago at the University of Toronto. Kyle was very entrepreneurial and was good at marketing and balancing the aspects of risk of any new venture with the associated rewards.

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Major Gift Officers and Matching Gifts

Four things that major gift officers need to know about matching gifts. From the HEPdata blog. HEPdata is the industry leader in providing nonprofits with the tools they need to take advantage of corporate matching gifts.

Adapt to the End of ‘Imperial IT’ or Risk Becoming Irrelevant

Short article from TechRepublic with some good reflections on how IT has changed and how demands and expectations will force us to consider a different future.