Macbook Air Usability


Saw this Macbook Air at a recent meeting. Having just made the plunge myself, I can understand the need to try to remember all the different keystrokes and short cuts. After listening to the “cult of Mac” for many years and the “cult of Windows” even more, I think that both companies could go a long way to standardizing keyboard short cuts.

Macbook Air With Keyboard Shortcuts

How much differentiation is created in a product by having the keys in different locations and calling them something different?

Not a lot I’d warrant and for those of us having to be familiar with more than 1 OS, it’s quite frankly a nightmare to remember all the different commands.

I switch machines 3-4 times a day and I’m still not there after a couple of months.

Windows 8.+ is a great example of changing something the world is familiar with in a way that the world doesn’t want to be. I liked the task bar, I use it thousands of times a day, how could Microsoft possibly think that removing it would be a good idea? I blame it on Balmer. Caveat – writing the next version of Windows is like trying to order pizza for over a billion people.

Arbys had an advertising campaign whose slogan was “different is good.” Well, innovation is good, but different is not always good, nor the pace of different nor the greatest and purest intent.

Monopoly providers, and quite frankly both Microsoft and Apple are, should be very careful when they make design decisions. Beauty is simply in the eye of the beholder, partnerships require a lot more work than art and co-dependency with machines is another matter entirely.

Software is where the real variations should take place. The hardware is just a savant to deliver the intelligence – and should not foist its own intellect upon us.

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