NXT Roadmap. Same caveats, ignore spelling and grammar, post done on the fly.

For most of us, NXT will be the path of migration from Raiser’s Edge (Legacy) to the future. NXT, which was announced last year is the first major evolution of Blackbaud’s legacy product in a number of years. This session on the current roadmap will hopefully present information that will allow us to plan not only how our systems will need to change, but how we may need to significantlly re-architect our business processes to take advantage of the cloud based approach.

Blackbaud on stage. “Lots of exciting news to share.” “Working hard to be a better partner to you.” Stories on how NXT is helping organizations operate more efficiently. People working on iPads – entering actions directly into NXT. Nobody asked for reports or queries for meetings. NXT helps with efficiency. Another organization – someone logs into NXT and the system identifies 800 new potential prospects – the organization starts a mid-level giving program as results. Blackbaud wants us to be more effective in fundraising and grow our fundraising revenue – additionally they want to have us spend more time acting.

Demo of mobile access, hit analyze button, overview displayed of revenue other statistics in a graphical format. Clear example of the power of mobile access graphically presented summary analytics on fundraising progress. Drill down to details such as actions. Then financial information is added to the request. Integration of financial edge – hit analyze button. RE results showing inside Financial Edge app. Drill down to pledges, payments and proposals, unrestricted/restricted cash. Combination of this information helps demonstrate the value of cloud, mobile and integration.

Another drill down on the iPad to campaign information and looking at individual fundraiser goals and totals. Looking at work center for fundraiser, with portfolio and integrated analytics. Prospects, giving potential, meetings. Illustrative of how NXT helps fundraisers manage other fundraisers in addition to managing their own donor pool.

All of this is a glimpse into Nonprofit Intelligence – the integrated analytics. There is some prescriptive intelligence built in, the roles that can be configured help to engage people in your organization, there is quick access to the information, access anywhere, anytime, any device, increased efficiency – these are the key elements that mobile access and Nonprofit Intelligence can help.

Now, more details on the roadmap. “Think about how all these things will make your lives better.” Overarching philosophical product goals as follows:

  • Smart and Prescriptive
  • Innovation
  • Total Solution Integration
  • Simplify the User Experience
  • Open

Talk about the depth of knowledge built into Raiser’s Edge 7 and the 26 year legacy of the product. “Raiser’s Edge 7.95 will be released in November – and this will be supported into the future for years to come.” However, NXT features and what will be developed is the place you’ll want to be. There are unlimited user licences for NXT. “NXT is the embodiment of the changes that are happening at Blackbaud.” Blackbaud wants your ongoing feedback on NXT. Continue to use Idea Bank. Continue to use the new Blackbaud community.

1000+ customers have already adopted NXT. Better than Raiser’s edge 6 to 6 adoption. 91 new features and updates since release and 27 releases in 6 months. Average of 9 days to close a bug in NXT, some closed in hours and deployed. “NXT is a totally new application from the ground up.” Well, this is true from the technology view, but in fact there has been little change to the underlying tables at this time, so it’s not a complete re-architecture of the product yet. Hopefully this will change over time and some of the current duplication and other underlying database design issues in Raiser’s Edge 7 and previous versions will be addressed.

Discussion of how micro services are built into the NXT product. Breaking RE into component pieces – makes it easier to make changes to the product without needing to do a complete upgrade. “You wouldn’t buy a new car just because you have a flat tire.” Upgrades can be deployed when people are in the system, anytime. Component pieces allow you to create more testable components – with a high degree of automation. Helps with dependability and high quality.

REST based APIs. Allow for more integration with your own location and with 3rd party apps and to get information in and out of the application.

Givalanche, which was mentioned in 1st day keynote is mentioned again. Help to build viral giving.

Discussion of NXT interface, web browser and database view using Citrix session. “We’ll continue to move these roles over to the web view.” This is the only way the Blackbaud can incrementally move all of their clients over time.

Discussion of role views. 3-4 releases per month on roles, roles span many releases and each release can benefit multiple roles. New roles to be released will the Director Role (Announcement), Major Giving Manager Role and Development Coordinator role (first half of next year). There’s an additional list of other roles to come.

Cards display on the top of the screen to prompt you to take actions, without writing a query. You can create these custom rules that can be consumed throughout the interface.

Listbuilder will start to replace queries. Intelligence with a graphical results screen that helps focus on what needs to be done with constituents and some additional metrics.

Nonprofit Intelligence. “Discover, Share and Act.” Dashboards, one-click access, self-services lists. “Early adapters will be live next week on non-profit intelligence.” “Goal to be available for all NXT clients in Q1, 2016.”

“Every customer will have a data warehouse, ETL optimized for reporting, secure data isolation and encryption.” Assume this will use API to bring the information over.

Start of a demo, but Internet access stops working. Fixed. Log in through Blackbaud.Com – single sign on. Access all your products from one location. Overview of analytics, filters, graphical presentation. Target Analytics integrated directly into the Nonprofit Intelligence. You can choose tags to filter your information. Easy to analyze your portfolio directly. Analytics on performance over the last few years, campaign, fund and other metrics. List building with filter capability. Remembers open lists so when you log back in your lists are immediately available – appears to be what is a good replacement for dashboards. Photo taken and profile picture added for constituent.

Cloud based storage, you don’t have to imbed documents in a media tab. Will customers be able to choose which cloud based storage they’re saving to?

Ability to work through lists, so you can edit/modify data without having to leave the list you’re in. Another efficiency enhancements?

Demonstration of a drag and drop visual query builder, displaying actions. “This is already in the lab.” Lots of applause on this one. How will this work with much more complex queries?

Wrap up.

As with most roadmap discussions there’s a lot of material presented. Some pieces are available, some are not. Development will take time. Keep an eye out for announcements.