Luminate Roadmap. Same caveats, ignore spelling and grammar, post done on the fly. Was a little late for this one so may have missed a few of the announcements.

What’s Already Available

Email status notification updates, performance reporting by device, enhanced email dashboard.

CMS. Performance improvements by moving to a new overarching infrastructure for the product. Updates for imbedding Google Maps and general improvments in the Luminate Online APIs.

Advocacy. Improve the experience overall including advanced targeting.

Social Sharing and analytics additions.

Organization as a constituent. Version 15.9 of the software. Organizational hierarchies, improved contact types within organizations – so organizations will be closer to what are normally the structures in the underlying databases.

Annual receipts for sustaining gift receipts – ability to produce consolidated tax receipts annually or or for a select period of gifts.

Integrations have been improved with both Raiser’s Edge and BBCRM products. Calendar and TeamRaiser events with events module in RE.

Blackbaud payments enhanced for sustaining gifts.

Enhancements for 2016

  • Enforce a minimum fundraising goal and delayed self-pledges functionality has been improved.
  • Responsive Ecommerce out of the box.
  • Responsive participant center.
  • Ability to record and report on an organization gift.
  • De-duplicate orgs en masse.
  • Online and offline gifts for organizations.
  • Ability to create Org Roles and segments of org roles.

Strategy Around the Next Generation of Luminate

Goal is to  create a new digital marketing platform with dramatic improvements in workflow and user experience. Product will be highly visual, drag and drop. Report and dashboard visualizations specific to non-profit intelligence. “For the first time, Luminate will respect the other Blackbaud products.” Laughter.

Luminate Next Gen will be built on Amazon web services, but will also integrate with Blackbaud SKY. There will be a number one focus on multi-channel campaign management with one workflow in a seamless and automated experience. Dynamic content and dynamic workflow will be the centrepiece of the product.

Automation intelligence will be built into the product and analytics (as opposed to the standard reporting) will be improved and built into the product. Design screens will also use intelligence to help with what elements you’re using.

Mobile and responsive will be extended to the administrative interface. Messaging for both internal and constituents will be integrated into the product.

Snapshots of screens are very similar to what’s being shown at the conference for NXT in terms of design and analytics. Include enhanced presentation and imbedded smart analytics. There are campaign and calendar workflow enhancements that allow you to build campaigns visually for your channels. The user interface has been improved to make it easier for DIY campaign creation and management with a drag and drop interface.

Social messaging can be set up once and previewed side by side. Same with some of the forms. The new interface will allow you to view the design live so you can see how constituents will see it. For donation forms, you can view statistics on what has been raised. Heat maps will show you where constituents have been hovering. Cross-form reporting will allow for quick comparisons between dozens of campaigns through the user interface without having to run multiple reports.

What you can do …

  • Ideas Portal. Send in your ideas. Accessible directly through the interface.
  • Let Blackbaud know if you are interesting in participating in a usability study.
  • Signup for betas for Luminate Next Gen.

Wrap up.

The information in a lot of this session appeared to be a bit more granular. Appears to be a lot of new and welcome changes – mostly incremental. No major platform announcements – assumption that this will all be part of next year’s announcements which will be closer to the next major Luminate release currently tagged as Luminate Next Gen.