A small selection of presentations, links and other resources for Asian prospecting and fundraising. This is a complex and broad subject and there’s no attempt here to provide other than a few samples and a few links to get you started. We’re always willing to add more samples and downloads, particularly with a topic like this. If you know of some unique resources, use the Contribute Now form to upload and we’ll add to this page.

China Foundation Center.  The China Foundation Center is a legally registered public charity as described in the regulations of the Chinese Ministry of Civil Affairs. It is the world’s leading source of Chinese philanthropic foundation information for shareholders in the social sector. We combine industry expertise with innovative technology to deliver critical information to leading decision makers in media, corporate responsibility, research institutes, governments, and donors—powered by our comprehensive database.

Harvard Study: China’s Most Generous. Good information and web site.

Sabine Schuller’s links to  International Donor Research Resources.

The Helen Brown Group also has some international resource links on their site.

Huran Report. Site with information on wealthy individuals.

Blog post by Angie Stapleton. Her post touches on real estate – which she agrees can be challenging – as well as several other relevant aspects of research on Chinese prospects. She also points out the great work of Beth Bandy and of Stanford’s research shop on this topic. The post is from Sept. 2012, and there may be a few links she included that are no longer active.

Some downloads on Asian Prospecting and Philanthropy.

Skoll World Forum, Deeper Understanding of Chinese Donors. An overview of the tools developed in the report include:

  • Donor Behavior Segmentation framework – to segment any NGO’s donors
  • Donor-NGO touch point (lifecycle) map – applicable to most NGOs
  • Measurement Architecture – invaluable to tie metrics to what matters to donors
  • A format for a Communications Guide for fund raisers that suggest the best narratives, numbers and interactions to give different donor segments at specific touchpoints
  • A format for a Measurement Systems Blueprint that provides leadership an overview of what measurement systems tie to the metrics donors care about, what metrics are missing, and the design and implementation details for new metrics
  • The frameworks and tools are inspired by many domains including strategy development, marketing and customer science, philanthropy research, design thinking, and systems thinking.

Download included here for your convenience.


Asian Etiquette Guide. Contributed by Krista Slade.


Passport Asia-Pacific. Presentation by Krista Slade on what you need to know to be successful when working in the Asia-Pacific region of the world.


Prospect Identification in Asia. Contributed by Krista Slade and Natasha Vasiliou.


Prospecting in Hong Kong. Some notes, references in and links. Contributed by Wendy Baverstock.