I’ve been somewhat remiss in not mentioning that this book is out as I am one of the contributing authors, however, the new book, “Advancement Services: Enhancing Fundraising Success” is now released.

Here’s a synopsis from the CASE web site:

The ability of a nonprofit organization to secure the funding it needs to further its mission no longer rests solely on the performance of the fundraiser. It also depends on the ability to thank, acknowledge, steward, advise, communicate with, research and educate donors and prospects. These tasks fall to advancement services professionals, who begin the fundraising initiative, support the efforts of frontline fundraisers and then sustain the effort through constant and effective communications with donors.

In this completely revised edition of the classic advancement services how-to guide, John Taylor and the contributors illustrate how advancement services is the essential infrastructure holding the development effort together. In 30 chapters covering all the bases of the profession from organization and management of its functions, to systems, gifts and data management, prospect research and stewardship and donor relations, experts share the latest insights and best practices.

Whether you need guidance on change management, demonstrating the ROI, using social media in prospect research, setting up a data warehouse, or selecting a donor management system, there is something in this rich resource that will help pave your path to success.

You can purchase the book directly from CASE. Advancement Services: Enhancing Fundraising Success.